Interior Design (Colour or Neutral)

After watching the Great Interior Design Challenge back in January, it would appear that most people have been led to believe that interior design would be best played by opting for whites and neutrals.

In all honesty, how many homes would be able to accommodate this type of colour scheme? With our busy lives of children, pets and constant traffic through your home, can you imagine keeping everything pristine white? I think not.

Colour within your home is a personal choice. I have come to realise lately, whilst visiting customers homes, that sometimes that choice will not be to the liking of others. Particularly difficult when it comes to trying to sell a property. In this instance a blank canvas of neutral colours works well as people are more likely to envisage the house becoming their home, whereas a bright red and purple wall will automatically throw people off venturing further and visualising themselves within that space.

Neutrals can also work well by allowing the home maker to add colour and change colour when they wish to. Each year could become a different colour scheme simply by adding  an assortment of colourful soft furnishings such as cushions, curtains, stools and rugs.

A company I have seen lately produces these amazingly colourful rugs. You can find the link here at The Rug Seller.

I by no way endorse this company and have yet to buy a rug from them, however their advert flags up on my Facebook news feed regularly and I can not help perusing through their extensive rug choice. You can also see from their photos, that they opt to display their rugs in white rooms adding their colour splash of rugs and contrasting items. Aren’t they fun?

When choosing solid block colours for your interior, always consider how that colour will make you feel every day you have to look at it. Although reds are proven to be a warming colour within the home, many shops avoid this colour due to the problem of it creating an anger within customers. This highlights the term ‘red rag to a bull’.

Blues are considered cooling colours but when placed in a north facing room can become very cold an unwelcoming. However there are so many shades to choose from now that choosing a lighter blue will create a warmer under tone in a north facing room.

Always paint test an area beforehand as colour charts are not always true to form and can alter depending on the natural light you have available in your room. Valspar stations in B&Q have started providing a light facility where you can now view your colour options under artificial and natural light within the store, for free.

A good idea when planning and designing your room is to create a mood board. This can be done by gathering together samples of your favourite materials and photos of room designs from magazines and books that inspire you. Lay your samples in ec1da7d73e4f20abcd03c91d57449b32the general order of how your room is presented. For example, the carpet will be at the bottom,your wallpaper to the sides and curtain fabric towards the top. This will give you a clearer idea than randomly sticking your samples down.

It would be a good idea to pin samples to the wall you intend to paint and view at all times of the day to see any colour variations that may appear.

Finding out if your room is south or north facing is also vital when planning. By using the colour wheels below you can choose which shades to opt for. A south facing room will get more sunlight than a north facing room so warm colours may become overpowering in the suns mid afternoon glare.

There are plenty of tricks with colour that can be used to enhance the size of a room. To make a room appear larger you will need to paint all the surfaces the same colour. A low ceiling will appear higher when it is painted a lighter shade than that on the walls, and keep accessories and furniture minimal within the space.

To make a room more cosy and inviting, choose colours from the warmer side of the wheel, painting the ceiling in a warmer shade to bring the height of the room down.

Above all, you must have fun. Enjoying the process of designing to carrying out will give you a huge sense of achievement and value within your home. You must love it now otherwise why do it?

Go on now, have a go. You can do it!

Please feel free to contact me for further advice and if your feeling brave enough, post your photos to my facebook page for us all to admire at Amandas Treasures Facebook Page.

Amanda x






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