Buying a Sofa?

Buying furniture for your home?

So your looking for quality…comfort…style…practicality….durability...and all at affordable price? Where do you start? And how will you know when you are looking at good value in a piece of furniture?

It is always advisable to view the intended piece of furniture, offered for sale, in a setting rather like your home.

An item of furniture which is well lit on a plinth in a large sales warehouse may look grossly out of place within your home. Some retailers promote large pieces as representing ‘good value’ with scant regard for the size of the room where it will be placed.

Always take samples of your carpets, curtains and interior colours so that you can choose fabric that will compliment  your interior.

Furniture should form a gratifying part of the overall finishing effect.If you want to change your present choice of decor, visit a supplier who can talk to you about interior design in general, not just furniture. A good one will send you samples of your choice.

Look for coil sprung units when purchasing your next sofa for ultimate comfort and longevity. Coil sprung springs provide and even suspension and so the greatest comfort when you sit back in a seat. Zig Zag springs that are commonly used to reduce production cost provide suspension front to back and are prone to sagging.


Loose covers should fit closely, preserving the furniture’s design lines, even though they are detachable. Well made loose covers will have the appearance of having been sewn on although they are not, so avoid baggy, untidy effect created by poorly designed or badly manufactured loose covers.

Choose furniture which is well constructed for strength and durability. A good quality sofa frame will use solid hardwood such as beech in its construction. The whole frame should be assembled with glue, staple, dowels and screws.

Be very sceptical of large discounts, which may mean the final asking prices are way to high. However do not expect fine design, sound build quality and skilled pre-and after-purchase service to be accompanied by the lowest price. You get what you pay for.

And finally, always take your time choosing your furniture. Do not fall foul of pushy sales people looking for their next commission. Your furniture should be with you for a good many years and will most likely be viewed every day within you home. You will still want something that you are happy with, not something that your sales person pressurised you into buying.




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