Recycling Vs Upcyling

Our planet is becoming vastly over crowded and the more we bury in landfill the more damaging it will be to our environment. You do not need to be into tree-hugging to do your part for our planet but you do need to take part.


Interior Design (Colour or Neutral)

After watching the Great Interior Design Challenge back in January, it would appear that most people have been led to believe that interior design would be best played by opting for whites and neutrals. In all honesty, how many homes would be able to accommodate this type of colour scheme? With our busy lives of children,… Continue reading Interior Design (Colour or Neutral)

Use It Up, Wear It Out, Then Upcycle

You might have heard of the phrase “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure” but it’s never been more on-point than now. Perhaps that’s because of the rise of KonMari (a movement that encourages us to own less but to love what we own). Or maybe, it’s an increasing awareness of the environmental footprint of… Continue reading Use It Up, Wear It Out, Then Upcycle